What’s Around

20 June 12:00 am

What’s Around

Within a walking distance from Elia Restaurant, a whole new experience is waiting for our guests. The new city of Rhodes island, has many Italian palaces in Venetian and neo-Gothic style. The city’s beauty is complemented by its  parks, squares and wide streets, as well as hotels, restaurants, clubs and shops of all kinds. The Mandraki harbor, once the naval port of ancient Rhodes is the main port of the island, adorned with statues of deer, one male and one female, representing the symbol of the island.

At the sea entrance to the city, stood  one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, the Colossus of Rhodes. Unfortunately, from the Colossus  which was 30 meters high, nothing remains as it collapsed in an earthquake 66 years after his construction. The perfect place to start exploring the new town is  Cyprus  Square or Platia Kyprou. This square is easily accessible as it is located right in the center of the city.

Visit Rodini Park

If you love walking in a nature do not miss Rodini Park which is about 3 km from the center of Rhodes town in the direction of Lindos. It is a beautiful recreation area for  locals and tourists where you see different types of birds such as peacocks, but also historical relics like the tomb of the Ptolemies dating back to the Hellenistic period. Nearby is the ancient Acropolis of Rhodes, which dominates the highest part of the city of Rhodes. The site is made up of a monumental area that includes public buildings, large temples and places of worship underground. The Stage on Acropolis of Rhodes is used as concerts for Greek or foreign groups. You can also visit the Gymnasium, Theater, located near the stadium, and the Temple of Apollo overlooking the whole area.

Enjoy sun and sea at Elli Beach

Elli Beach stretching for 400 meters in front of the Casino of Rhodes, is the main beach in Rhodes Town. The water at Elli Beach is incredibly clear in all shades of turquoise and blue. This beach is very popular among local young people and it is packed during summertime.

Explore underwater world at Rhodes Aquarium

This stunning art deco building constructed by Italians in the 1930s as a biological research station houses today an aquariummuseum and research center where you can explore marine life of the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean sea.